SBL Clearstone Drops Overview: Composition, Uses, Price, Dosage, Side Effects

SBL Clearstone Drops are a homeopathic remedy designed to alleviate renal colic pain caused by kidney stones lodged in the urinary tract. This article provides a detailed overview of these drops, including their composition, uses, pricing, recommended dosage, and potential side effects.

SBL Clearstone Drops are a homeopathic remedy designed to alleviate renal colic pain resulting from a stone lodged in the urinary tract. These drops work by dissolving accumulations and stones in the bladder, ureter, and kidneys.

SBL Clearstone Drops – Key Ingredients:

  • Berberis vulgaris Q
  • Sarsaparilla Q
  • Ocimum canum Q
  • Solidago virgaurea Q
  • Pareira brava Q
  • Senecio aureus Q
  • Excipients
  • Alcohol

SBL Clearstone Drops Uses:

SBL Clearstone Drops offer a range of advantages for individuals dealing with renal colic and kidney stone-related issues. Here are the key benefits of using these homeopathic drops:

  1. Relief from Renal Colic Pain: SBL Clearstone Drops are highly effective in providing relief from the intense pain associated with renal colic. They work to ease the discomfort caused by kidney stones stuck in the urinary tract, making it more manageable for the individual.

  2. Alleviates Nausea and Vomiting: In addition to pain relief, these drops can help alleviate symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, which are often experienced by individuals with kidney stones.

  3. Reduces Blood in the Urine: Hematuria, or blood in the urine, is a common symptom of kidney stones. SBL Clearstone Drops can aid in reducing the presence of blood in the urine, promoting better urinary health.

  4. Dissolves Stones in the Bladder and Urinary Tract: These drops contain active ingredients that work to dissolve and break down kidney stones. This can be particularly beneficial for those with smaller stones, as it may eliminate the need for more invasive procedures.

  5. Relief from Acute and Sudden Pain: Sudden and severe pain in the back, lower abdomen, and groin can be excruciating. SBL Clearstone Drops provide relief from these acute episodes, allowing individuals to regain comfort and mobility.

  6. Natural and Homeopathic Approach: As a homeopathic remedy, these drops take a holistic approach to health. They stimulate the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms, helping it restore balance and health naturally.

  7. Long-Term Care for Chronic Conditions: Homeopathy, in general, is known for its suitability in long-term care, especially for chronic conditions. SBL Clearstone Drops can be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for those dealing with recurring kidney stone issues.

  8. Minimal Risk of Side Effects: When used as directed, these drops have a low risk of causing adverse effects, making them a safe option for many individuals.

SBL Clearstone Drops – Dosage:

It is recommended to take 10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water thrice a day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

SBL Clearstone Drop Side Effects

SBL Clearstone Drops, a homeopathic remedy for kidney stone issues, generally have minimal side effects. These rare side effects may include allergic reactions, mild gastrointestinal discomfort, or interactions with other medications. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult a healthcare provider before use. Adhering to recommended dosages and seeking professional advice for concerns can help ensure safe usage. In most cases, SBL Clearstone Drops offer natural relief with low risk of side effects.


Here are some frequently asked questions about SBL Clearstone Drops:

Q. Can homeopathy be taken long-term?

Homeopathy may be beneficial for the long-term care of patients with chronic conditions. It focuses on stimulating the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms to restore health.

Q. How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathic medicines work by stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities. They trigger a response in the body to restore balance and health naturally.

Q. What is the price of SBL Clearstone Drops?

The price of SBL Clearstone Drops may vary depending on the location and the quantity purchased. It is advisable to check with local retailers or online stores for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Q. Can SBL Clearstone Drops be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals to consult a healthcare practitioner before using SBL Clearstone Drops to ensure their safety and suitability during this period.

In conclusion, SBL Clearstone Drops offer an alternative approach to managing kidney stone-related pain and discomfort. When used as directed and under appropriate medical guidance, they can provide relief from renal colic and associated symptoms. However, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about their usage.

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